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Today, good service determines the success of the exhibition as product more than ever before. Service needs constant care and a high level of dedication, but the effort is worth it, as service creates the reliable basis for permanent customer ties in an age of constantly changing trends and markets.

Event planning and Management

Applying The latest administrative methods efficiently and effectively to achieve success.

1. Select goals of conferences and prepare plans
2. Collect complete information about the event
3. Organize a team
4. Identify and select the place, time and location
5. Select official sponsors, speakers, and partners
6. Plan the event's agenda
7. Approve plans and designs
8. Approve Necessary licenses and declarations
9. Schedule the implementation of all items
10. Distribute all tasks
11. Supervise the implementation of all items
12. Final report.

E-marketing and Sponsorship

Prepare a marketing plan, select their audience and implement it through.

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Short SMS Service
(classified databases)
3. E-mail
(classified databases)
4. Media Campaign
(TV, Radio, Satellite Channels,
Newspaper and Magazines,
5. Telemarketing
6. Direct meetings and visits.

Public Relations

Planning, interviews and visits, Booking of hotels, Booking of Transportation.

1. Planning, interviews and visits
2. Reservation of airline tickets
3. Booking of hotels
4. Booking of Transportation
5. Hospitality and reception of the delegations.

Design and implement expo suites

Stage & Tents Designs and modular stand and classic stands supply suites / Ready Made Manufacture products.

1. Stage design and Decoration
2. Backgrounds
3. Lighting ​
4. Sound System
5. Custom size Stage
Designs modular stand and classic stands(Tents)
1. European tent
2. Royal Concerts
3. Basic ridge tent
supply suites / Ready Made
1. Shell Scheme / Octanorm exhibition stand
2. Truss System
Manufacture products
1. Self Service Devices
2. Showcases
3. Interior Decoration for Shop
4. Wood Cutting and engraver

Media, Brands, Prints, and Gifts

Press Conference, Publishing, News, Coverage, Documentation, Design and Printing Identity Prints and Publication Gifts.

Media and Documentation
1. Arranging Press Conference
2. Publishing (TV, Radio, News, Paper)
3. News Coverage
4. Media Coverage Observation
5. Monitoring and analysis for publication
6. Documentation.
(Video,Photo-Crane,Film Production,Promotions)
Design and Printing
1. Design Identity (Logo)
2. Printing and Publications
(ID, Letter Head, Note Book, Business Card, Booklet, Folder, Banner, Paintings, Backdrop, Stand Roll Up, Flyers, Brochure, Certificates)
Pens, Flash, Award, Trophies, Cup, Cap, T Shirts, Watch, Stationary, Customized Gifts.

Information systems and websites

Managing the website and social networking accounts, oriented programs, screens, sound devices, and lighting devices.

1. Hosting, programming, and design of websites
2. Sites's management
3. Social networking accounts' management
4. Oriented programs
(management - accounts - electronic links)
5. Translator devices
6. Screens
7. Sound Devices
8. Lighting devices.

You as our client

You as our client expect a lot from your exhibiting.
Often even make the impossible possible.

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